Wednesday, 13 April 2011


Just a few minutes ago, an idea came to me.


I know My mom is a proffesional photographer, and she's got a HUGE business, but I want to be in magazines, or perhaps model a GAP outfit, and be on their wall.

But, I have absolutely no Idea how to start,or how to get there.

I guess I will maybe wait until Mom is in people magazine. She would probably not let me model in it, but, eh, ya know.


  1. Hey, Ya never know! I bet it'd be fun! Here's a start: Look around online (If you haven't already). You might something like, ya know, "Models Needed! Send in your picture!" Actually, I think you'd make a great model, Your pretty stylish ;)

    Nice picture, BTW :)

  2. Actually, I have looked on the internet. The way they advertise it, it doesn't sound much fun... You've got to have an agent, transportation... But I still Luuuuuuuv modeling!

  3. lol...I could be your agent! yeah...That's dumb...but still a good idea, OOH, I gotta good idea! You could start another blog for modeling pictures! Maybe somebody cool will notice it, and if not, its still fun, right?

  4. You could just be your own model and put your photos up on your blog. Then maybe your mom could take some photos of you and put them on her website. Before you know it, your photo will have been seen around the world! You might not be a paid model, but you still get that exposure and it could lead to a paying gig down the line. Good luck!