Friday, 8 July 2011

4th of July

We had fun on the fourth of July... Sadly, i don't have any pictures, but you can take my word for it.
The only downer was that roman candle... let me explain.
So, the whole day was great. We went swimming, had food, went swimming again, played with our cousins... Went swimming again. When it was getting dark, we started up the small fireworks. We had sparklers, and roman candles. I drew on the pavement with the sparklers, but it was getting boring, so, I picked up a roman candle, lit it, and aimed it in the sky. when the first light shot, ALOT of ash flew out of it! I had to endur light afterlight, ashes after ashes, because what could i do? let it down and burn someone? No! So when it was out, i dusted myself off, got it out of my hair, out of my clothes, but there was this little piece of ash that got into my eye, and I couldn't get it out! I tried crying, rubbing, running it under water, but NOTHING WORKED! Every time I blinked, it scratched my eye ball! I had to endure that for three days straight before I finaly blinked it out. What an Independance Day to remember...

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