Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Paso Roble

Every year me and my family go up to a small town in Paso Robles. Everyone there is a cow boy, or a cow girl, and its pretty, and everyone there is so nice. We stay in a little summer home on Chesnut street, and it is to die for.

This little house is magical. The porch(which I jump off of every day).
The back/side yard. The rest of the back yard. See behind it is

A trail? It goes around the whole town!

You know, in most towns in the west, mid west, the animal that is the highest charted as strays, most popular in the average household, are cats, but not in this town! Not at all. You know what Paso Robles have? Deer! They are everywhere! Now, if ya live there, they are considered a vermin. But for 12 days, they're great! The only down side to that fact is that there are deer lims everywhere, wether they were just mauled, or are so old that they have turned to stone. Alot of cyote attacks, traffic acsidents, and people running over them, but the fraction that is alive is great! 4/5 of the deer there are alive, so there isn't a dead deer everywhere you look, but there are so many that its not a suprise to see one.

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  1. Interesting town. You got some great shots of deer (thankfully, the live ones). :)